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A guide to helping you understand and switch business gas supplier

How to compare and switch business gas suppliers

As the costs of utilities such as gas rise, an increasing number of businesses are struggling. Across the UK businesses are finding it difficult to pay what can feel like ever increasing utility prices. However, roughly 70% of businesses have found it difficult to compare and switch business gas supply. With around 40% admitting that they have never moved to a new, cheaper supplier.

However, the energy team here at BusinessComparison are committed to helping every business compare and switch business gas tariffs. Will want to ensure every business is able to access the best tariff for their unique requirements. Whether you are looking to reduce your bills, secure a better service or arrange a flexible contract, our team can help.

When can I switch business gas supplier?

When you are looking to switch business gas contracts, it isn’t easy to switch part way through a contract. The suppliers all purchase the wholesale gas in bulk, with the amount decided based on their current customers contracts. This means, that if you are looking to leave your contract early the supplier will be left with unused gas. Instead, the ideal time to compare and switch business gas tariffs is during your renewal window.

The renewal window is usually set to between 1 and 6 months before the contract end date. Although, most suppliers will provide you with notice of this when they send you a renewal quote. This is useful as you will be able to compare the other tariffs available against your current supplier’s quote. This will make it easy to ensure you switch business gas contracts to the cheapest option when your contract ends.

Save money when you switch business gas suppliers

Whether you are looking to switch the business gas and power supply for a limited company, a sole trader, partnership or LLP, our dedicated energy team will help. We will be able to compare deals and ensure you are signed up to the best tariff for your requirements. Every day we help businesses compare and switch business gas suppliers. This means our team have vast amounts of experience in negotiating the best deals for every type of business and situation.

Which business gas tariffs are available?

Before you switch business gas contracts, it can be useful to understand the various tariffs which the suppliers offer. There are two popular tariffs available, fixed-rate contracts and variable rate contracts. It is likely you are already signed up to one of these, or that you will switch business gas contracts to one. A fixed-rate contract will last anywhere between 1 and 5 years, with the unit rate you pay fixed for the period. In contract, variable rate contracts usually last for less than 1 year and the rate fluctuates to reflect wholesale prices.

Compare prices to reduce your fixed-rate tariff

If your business is currently locked into a long-term fixed rate contract, you may be currently benefitting from excellent rates. In fact, these could actually be lower than the current market rate. If this contract is due to end, the supplier is likely to send you a quote much higher than your current rate. To avoid this sudden increase in prices, you should compare and switch to the best rate possible for your business.

Avoid deemed rates by switching business gas tariffs

If your business has recently moved to new premises, you may be paying for an expensive deemed rate contract. These rates are applied if you have not agreed a contract and are the most expensive rates offered by suppliers. If you are currently using a gas supply out of contract you should compare and switch business gas as soon as possible.

Switch your variable-rate tariff to lower your gas bills

If you have a variable rate contract, in most situations you can switch business gas suppliers by providing 30-days’ notice. If your rates have suddenly risen, it is advisable to compare the prices available from other suppliers. This is because you may be able to negotiate a cheaper rate when you switch business gas tariffs. Alternatively, if your variable rate contract prices have fallen, the wholesale price is likely to have dropped. This could be a good time to lock in the current low prices by moving to a fixed-rate deal.

How are business gas prices calculated

There are many factors which will impact the price of your gas, although the overall cost will be divided into two main charges. These are the unit rate and the standing charge. The unit rate is calculated in pence per kWh and is the price you pay for each unit of gas which is consumed. Whereas, the standing charge is the fee which the supplier charges each day, it is charged in pence per day. The fee is used to maintain the pipe network to provide you with a reliable gas supply.

These overall prices are decided based on multiple factors, which are unique to each business. Including, the size of your business, its location, consumption habits, number of employees and even its credit rating.

Switch business gas suppliers with a professional comparison service

If you are looking to switch business gas suppliers, it is likely that you have come across a range of suppliers and tariffs. Here at BusinessComparison, we have hand-picked our panel of suppliers. They are chosen based on their ability to provide excellent prices, brilliant customer service and great terms every business. Our panel includes the ‘Big Six’ suppliers; British Gas, Npower, EDF Energy, E.ON, Scottish Power and SSE. In addition, we also partner with a range of small, independent gas providers.

How to compare business gas suppliers

We are committed to providing a quick and easy comparison service, so that every business is able to switch business gas tariffs. The comparison process will start when you provide us with a few details about your business’s gas contract and usage levels. This information can all be found within your current contract or in your most recent gas bill. We will need to know, the name of your current supplier, your tariff, how much gas is used and when your contract ends.

By providing us with as much of this information as possible, we will be able to negotiate accurate quotes. We will negotiate quotes based on their ability to match your unique business requirements. The whole process is completely free and when you receive the quotes there is no-obligation to switch business gas suppliers or tariffs. When you have compared the quotes, if you decide to switch, we will send the details across to your new supplier. They will then arrange the changeover of your gas supply.

How do I switch business gas provider?

The whole process will only take a few weeks and you could soon be saving vast amounts on your gas bills. The new supplier will send your changeover date, which will be the date your supply officially switches. On this date you will need to take a final gas meter reading and send this across to your old supplier. They will then send you a final bill, which you should pay to close the account.

We are always available to discuss the details of your current contract and can advise which tariffs will be most suitable for you. To find out more about switching business gas suppliers or to start the comparison process, please contact our energy team today.

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