Recruitment Law
What is the first step to recruiting?

Most businesses are only too aware that the success of their business sits with their employees. Therefore, when it comes to recruiting new superstars, the employer must not only be looking at a candidate’s characteristics, skillset and experience but also adhere to their legal obligations to ensure they are recruiting

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4 steps to comparing business bank accounts
4 steps to comparing business bank accounts

Whether you’re a sole trader, a limited company or a partnership you must have a bank account separate to your personal account. With so many banks and alternatives offering the best rates and fee free periods how can you possibly choose one?! Simple, compare the market and find the right

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What do I do if my business is failing?
What do I do if my business is failing?

There are many reasons why a business fails, but if you can spot the spiralling fall before it is too late then there is a high chance you can save it. But what can you do to stop your business from falling down the plug-hole? Marketing – specifically digital! We

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Starting your own business with no money
Starting your own business with no money

So you’re there full of wonderful business ideas dying to show the rest of the world what you can offer, but then you check the bank account and it seems that these ideas will only happen in your dreams… Well, we disagree! Looking at global entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson

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What makes good customer service?
What makes good customer service?

Communication is key to running any business, whether successful or not and although sometimes it can be hard knowing which communication is appropriate, it is a core strength to your business. When communicating with customers there are certain rules to the conversation just as with anyone else. The most significant

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How to do basic bookkeeping
How to do basic bookkeeping

Invoices, receipts and bank balances can all mount up when you’re running a small business. Instead of allowing them to form a nasty pile in your in-tray it’s well worth mastering the basics of bookkeeping. Follow these 5 tips to avoid the headache that accompanies an out-of-control pile of paperwork…

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How do I take my business to the next level?
How do I take my business to the next level?

You’re not the first business owner to have asked this question and you certainly won’t be the last! Once you’re past the initial start-up phase it’s natural that you’ll want to shift your focus to building your fledgling business. Developing your company to ensure long term success is a challenge.

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What are your Business Tax obligations?
What are your Business Tax obligations?

SMEs are subject to numerous taxes from corporation tax to national insurance. Below is a summary of the different types of taxes that a business owner may encounter. Corporation Tax Corporation Tax is a tax on taxable income or profits, it is applicable to the below businesses: A Limited company

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Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) - what is it and what are your responsibilities?
Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) – what is it and what are your responsibilities?

The Data Protection Act, or DPA as it is more commonly referred too, is the framework that is in place for the collection and processing of personal data. The majority of businesses collect and process customer information in order to run their businesses and therefore have certain responsibilities to adhere

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VAT: How does it affect my small business?
VAT: How does it affect my small business?

It is a commonly known thing that VAT is +20%, however what does that really mean to small to medium-sized businesses? Let’s look at what VAT actually means for businesses When a business becomes VAT registered, it must charge a further 20% on all sales, when the invoice is paid

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8 Steps to Consider When Starting a Business
8 Steps to Consider When Starting a Business

Having an idea may seem like it is enough to start a business, but it is much more complex than just an idea. There are a million and one things to consider when starting a business so we have summed up the key points in 8 useful steps. Step 1:

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5 steps to joining social media
5 steps to joining social media

In a generation built on social media, it is hard to hide away and rightly so, you should not. Social media is now one of the biggest forms of marketing and communication amongst businesses and their customers so why would you not try and take advantage of that?! Also if

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