What should a business budget include
What should a business budget include?

Setting a business budget is a great way to improve business planning, reduce wasteful spending and increase profits. When it comes to running a successful business every penny counts, and without a budget you could be missing important opportunities. A budget is the only way to manage your finances and

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Home Business Ideas
What business ideas to start from home?

No matter how rewarding your current role may be, there are many benefits to becoming self-employed. Whether you are looking to start a full-time business or a lucrative part time business, for many people the first step to entrepreneurship begins with starting a business from home. Although, to give yourself

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Business New Year Resolutions
What are your business New Year resolutions?

business energy2020 is here, a new year, new decade and time to look ahead. Many of us are likely to set personal resolutions, although it is also a time for businesses to set their own resolutions for the year. Whatever your goals for the year, there are some resolutions that

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Get your business ready for Brexit
Is your business ready for Brexit? How to prepare your business

With Brexit looming every business is facing a period of uncertainty, with many wondering what Brexit will mean to them. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, it is likely to have an impact on your business. The current Brexit situation Although the UK was originally planning to leave the European Union

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Business Planning New Year
How to prepare your business for the new year

As 2019 comes to a close, now is the perfect time to reflect on the year and set your business goals for 2020. Although it is impossible to predict what 2020 will bring, you can start preparing now. Reflect on business activity during 2019 Although as a business it is

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Outsourcing Vs. In-House
Outsourcing vs In-House: A Comparison Of The Two Approaches For Your SME

The do-it-yourself approach has become very popular in recent years, primarily driven by internet-enabled access to resources and tools. Passing work to experts can be extremely expensive, after all — so why not save money by adding it to the internal workload? Your talented employees can be trained up where

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How to recover an unpaid invoice
How to chase an unpaid invoice

Cashflow is the lifeblood of business, yet Sage found that a staggering 40% of SMEs are directly and negatively affected by late payments — with impacts ranging from having to reduce spend on future investments to cutting staff salaries and bonuses. Add to that the effort that goes into chasing

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Reviews in Your Strategy for Content Marketing
8 Suggestions to Include Reviews in Your Strategy for Content Marketing

Our society is focused on reviews. There are so many businesses out there, people value 5-star ratings more and more to help them decide which product or service is best. Reviews give customers information on products not just for other customers but for business managers also. Here are some great

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Why Women Don't Seek Investment
Female Entrepreneurship | Why Women Don’t Seek Investment

As part of our Female Entrepreneurship Series one of the key areas that have been highlighted in the Alison Rose Review, and by the women we spoke to during our research was the difficulty in securing investment to scale their business. Of all the venture funding secured by businesses in

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Guide to Content Marketing
Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses: The Ultimate Guide

If you aren’t focusing your strategies on content marketing, your marketing efforts will never reach their full potential. Content is the king, they say, and for a good reason. In fact, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. Follow our guide to content marketing for hints

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Who Can Start a Business
Who can start a business? 10-step guide to starting a business

Do you have an idea that you could turn into your own empire? If you’re thinking of taking on the entrepreneurial route and wondering to yourself who can start a business, you’re not alone. Starting a business that will succeed is not an easy task to set yourself. However, the

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What do I do if my business is failing?
What do I do if my business is failing?

There are many reasons why a business fails, but if you can spot the spiralling fall before it is too late then there is a high chance you can save it. But what can you do to stop your business from falling down the plug-hole? Marketing – specifically digital! We

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