How to maximise your savings with the Energy Bill Relief Scheme
How to maximise your savings with the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

The UK Government has announced the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, designed to help UK businesses combat rising energy prices by discounting energy bills. The scheme could save companies a lot of money, but to take advantage of it, you should act soon, as the scheme comes into effect on 1st

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Our Top 10 Business Energy Saving Tips
Our Top 10 Business Energy Saving Tips

With Liz Truss set to cut energy bills for millions, it’s not just individuals that will breathe a sigh of relief, businesses across the UK will benefit too. Even with the Prime Minister’s plan to reduce the cost of energy, considering how to reduce your energy usage is still a

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What is a bridging loan and how does it work?
What is a bridging loan and how does it work?

Put simply, a bridging loan (or “bridge loan”) is a helpful way to reduce the gap between any upcoming outgoings and your available credit, providing a useful way of ensuring that your business continues to run smoothly and keep growing. In this article, we’ll explore what bridging loans are and how they could

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10 Best Small Business Broadband Routers

Compare Business Broadband Suppliers 10 Best Small Business Broadband Routers A strong and reliable internet connection is essential for almost every small business. if you are looking for a fast and efficient connection, choosing the best router can help your business achieve the high speed wireless network it needs. In

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Home working is here to stay?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive to businesses, and that’s putting it mildly. From shuttered shops to socially distanced workplaces, the commercial world has seen business-as-usual turned on its head as the global health emergency works as a catalyst for change. Nowhere has this been more visible than in offices,

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Important features of a business wifi router
Most important features of a business Wi-Fi router

Business Wi-Fi routers sit at the heart of their networks and it is important to choose the best router for your specific requirements. Routers are designed to share your business internet connection between the computers and other devices connected to the network, with a variety of features available to enhance

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Can I get business fibre broadband in my area?

Business fibre broadband is not quite available to all businesses in the UK, however according to Ofcom, 94% of businesses in the UK have access to business fibre broadband. There is a high chance that your business could be situated in a fibre broadband area, so you could soon benefit

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Business insolvency
Warning Signs Your Company May Become Insolvent

Insolvency is easily defined: It means that your organisation’s debts outweigh its assets, or that you are unable to pay your bills when they are due. That’s an obvious enough thing to notice and fix, right? Well, not necessarily. Not only is your business a complex affair to manage, but

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How to set up a WiFi hotspot
How to setup a WiFi hotspot for my business

In our modern connected world, many visitors to business premises expect access to the internet. Whether you run a café, a shop, a dentist or even a taxi service, business WiFi hotspots are available almost anywhere, with most providing free internet access. A business WiFi hotspot is a great way

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A guide to managing your business cash flow

Managing cash flow is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Whether you are a start up with a very low income, or a larger business with significant cash reserves, it is important to ensure you have a strong understanding of your businesses finances. By monitoring and

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How to soften a blow to your business costs

What a difference a budget season makes! The Autumn budget last November was hailed by many as being positive for small businesses with a commitment to national productivity growth, funding for start-ups, money for local enterprise partnerships and spending on infrastructure all announced. Fast forward less than four months and

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How can your business save money through energy tariffs?

If you’ve vowed your business will be more energy efficient you certainly won’t be alone! The Federation of Small Businesses claims a third of small firms highlight the cost of energy as a barrier to the growth and success of their company. Despite this, 70 per cent of enterprises experience

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