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Our Top 10 Business New Year Resolutions

Updated for New Year 2022

2022 has been another exciting year for the world, but it’s now coming to a close. We’re entering 2023! A new year and a time to look ahead. Many of us challenge ourselves with personal resolutions, but it’s also a great time to set some business New Year resolutions. In this article, we cover our top 10 business New Year resolutions you should consider following.

1. Invest in Marketing

If your business is looking for new customers, your marketing strategy should be one of your top priorities. Take the time to create a marketing plan your business can follow, which may mean hiring an experienced marketing professional. Marketing is a great way to generate revenue. Having a great product or service is a good start, but you must ensure that people know about it and why they should consider your business over others.

2. Involve Your Wider Team in Business Planning

It’s no surprise that effective business planning is vital to every healthy business. However, it can help to involve the wider team. A regular planning meeting is ideal for reflecting on the year and discussing achievements and areas where you could improve your business. You might discover groundbreaking new ideas you have yet to consider by including others.

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3. Join a New Networking Group

A networking group is a great way to make new business contacts and forge potential customer relationships. Whether you join a specific business networking group or an online community, the new contacts could improve your business by opening you up to new opportunities.

4. Give Back to the Local Community

There are many worthy organisations in every community, so look for one which matters to you and try to give what you can. Alongside monetary donations, you could serve on a committee, act as a mentor or even ask your employees to volunteer. Giving back to your community improves it for everyone. As a bonus, you’ll feel good about yourself for doing so, too.

5. Overhaul Your Office

Do you have old equipment on its last legs, such as an old printer or a broken coffee machine? Are you fed up with looking at the same office decor that hasn’t changed in years? Now is the perfect time to stop making do and invest in change. Anything that eases your business’s day and makes your office more attractive will improve morale and attract new talent.

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6. Delegate More

One of the most significant issues many business owners share is learning to delegate more. In many cases, owners feel it is easier to do a task themselves than explain how to do it. However, delegating more of your tasks can help improve overall business efficiency and sustainability. It’ll also give you time to focus on other business areas.

7. Improve Team Communication

Improving employee communication is an excellent opportunity to improve staff retention and job satisfaction. Instead of a performance review every year, have a quick chat every day or every week. Alongside discussing work, ask about their personal lives and build open relationships. By opening up a conversation, you could unlock a great business idea.

8. Commit to Diversity

The strongest teams are composed of people from many different backgrounds, as we consider problems differently. Look at new ways to improve diversity, such as flexible working and gender equality programs.

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9. Increase Flexibility

As the world becomes more connected, your employees can complete more work from home. Although it’s still essential to have face-to-face time with the people you work with, and many will require time in the workplace, offering flexibility can dramatically improve your employee’s productivity and job satisfaction. For example, weekly work-from-home days will reduce employees’ overall commute time.

10. Provide Experiences

Many businesses provide great employee perks, such as free lunches and on-site gyms. However, sometimes, experiences can be more valuable. Aim to hold regular get-togethers for the team away from the workplace, as this can help create lasting relationships and connections in the work environment.

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