The rise of mumpreneurs

7 years ago

The rise of mumpreneurs

As children from around the UK prepare to go back to school after the holidays, we look at the record figures surrounding 'mumpreneurs' - women with children under 18 who've set up their own part-time enterprises from home to fit around family life.


The number of mumpreneurs and other women starting up part-time businesses from home


The annual rise in the number of self-employed women working part-time


The amount generated by mumpreneurs for the UK economy when last recorded in 2014


The number of jobs supported by the UK "mum economy" in 2014


The amount mum business owners are expected to generate for the economy by 2025, according to research by eBay


The number of jobs expected to be supported by UK mumpreneurs by 2025, according to research by eBay

Lucy Liddiard