5 ideas to improve your workplace environment

5 years ago

5 ideas to improve your workplace environment

Creating a positive and pleasant workplace environment can increase productivity and improve staff retention. Here are 5 tips for creating the ideal working environment. Can you afford not to read on?


The key to a happy workplace often lies with the way people communicate with one another. Consider having an open-door policy so your staff know that you are approachable and ready to listen to them. Bear in mind that some people may feel intimidated or uncomfortable expressing their thoughts or ideas one to one so a suggestions box is a good idea. Finally, encourage your staff to communicate openly with one another by speaking rather than hiding behind emails every time.

Get comfortable

Health and safety will require you to have comfortable work stations for your staff but it's always good to go the extra mile! Make sure that shared facilities like bathrooms and kitchens are kept clean and tidy and free from unwelcome odours! It's also worth considering how comfortable employees are with one another. There will always be personality clashes so it's worth taking the time to carefully consider seating plans. If a worker is uncomfortable they will not be able to give their best.

Be flexible

All workplaces have quirks and conventions but that doesn't always mean they are worth persevering with! Just as new members of staff come and go so too will likes and dislikes. For example, is it fair to expect lower paid members of staff to fork out for birthday, baby and retirement collections and provide the cakes on a Friday? Try to consider everyone's thoughts when planning group activities and don't be afraid to give something new a try.

Room to breathe

Even if your staff all get along like a house on fire, there will be times people will want some space to knuckle down and focus on what they're doing. It is important to create a culture where that is acceptable. If possible, provide quiet areas where staff can be alone with their thoughts.

Improve the view

It's important to make your work environment clean, tidy and pleasant to look at not only for customers and clients but also for your workers. Consider putting up some pictures and plants to create a nice environment. If your staff have certificates or have won awards, then it is a nice touch to display them to let them know their efforts are valued.


Kerry Fawcett