Are you a thoughtful boss? Follow our tips to show your employees they’re appreciated!

8 years ago

Are you a thoughtful boss? Follow our tips to show your employees they’re appreciated!

As #EmployeeAppreciationDay approaches, here at we thought it would be a good idea to remind all employers how to show their staff that they are valued for all the hard work they do! Don’t worry if you have forgotten along the way, here are 5 tips to help you show your appreciation!

Create an environment of mutual respect

This is a mistake which is commonly made! You should never put yourself above your employees, you might own the company but it doesn’t mean that you are personally better than them. Small things like parking spaces are great to show your staff that they are valued! If possible try to ensure that all members of staff are allocated a parking space, if this is not possible then try and sort something out a popular alternative is having a partnership with a taxi firm.

Take interest in their personal life

You don’t want your employees to think that you’re only interested in their work lives. It is important to ask how their personal lives are, even if it is just a simple question like; “how is the house hunting going?” or “how are your children?” It is almost certain that they will be delighted in answering any questions that are personal to them, it makes them feel valued and, most significantly, important to you.

Trust your staff

Letting your employees know that you trust them is a big deal – it can represent your true valuation of them. Let them go meet the clients and partners or handle the big cases, all they will want to do is make you proud and all you have to do is show and tell them that you are, it seems like a perfect win – win situation!

Treat your employees from time to time

There is nothing wrong with ‘spoiling’ your staff, in fact, there is something wrong if you’re not treating them (obviously not all the time!) celebrations don’t have to just be when it is Christmas, to show your staff they are truly valued you should ideally aim to take them out once every quarter. It doesn’t have to be a massive event it could just be a nice team lunch at a restaurant nearby. Even just taking them out of the workplace is highly recommended!

Help them develop

Try and be aware of where your employees want to go within the company, it is crucial to know who wants to move up or around within your team, especially, if you’re advertising a job that someone is so desperately hinting that they want. If you can, always employ in-house, it avoids extra training and it gives current employees a chance to prove that they are worthy of a promotion or a chance at something they didn’t apply for but find interesting. However, try not to move your employees to a position that they do not want and will not feel comfortable doing – this may lead them to quit.

Being a boss isn’t about having power. To many, a great boss is someone who is there to provide, guide and assist with issues whether they are work related or not, following simple guides like this can help you become a highly recommended employer who to some might be the best!