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5 months ago

Broadband Boost for Business in Yorkshire

In a move with the potential to transform high-speed internet access for businesses across Yorkshire and the Humber, Openreach has recently announced a significant £30 million investment. This funding aims to provide full fibre connections to an additional 100,000 homes and business premises in 13 new towns, joining 180 already on Openreach’s build list for the region.

The 13 new locations include:

  • Barnby Dun

  • Bingley

  • Gilberdyke

  • Howden

  • Hoyland

  • Ilkley

  • Leven

  • Maltby

  • North Cave

  • Pocklington

  • Rawmarch

  • Thrybergh

  • York

This expansion is part of Openreach's nationwide plan to reach 25 million premises with its full fibre broadband network by the end of 2026.

Openreach boss Clive Selley said: “This is a national infrastructure project that’s a genuine success story. We’re delivering engineering on an epic scale, on time and on budget – and that’s thanks to a supportive policy environment which has led to huge investment and competition throughout the UK’s telecoms sector.

“From a standing start just a few years ago, we’ve now made this life-changing technology available to 12.5 million premises and counting and we’re building faster than any operator I’m aware of in Europe. Our build rate is still accelerating and it’ll take us half the time to reach our next 12.5 million. But we won’t be stopping there.

“Ultimately, we’ll reach up to 30 million premises by the end of the decade – unlocking a raft of economic and social benefits by supporting new models of commerce, healthcare and public services.”

Benefits for Yorkshire-Based Businesses

SMEs in Yorkshire and the Humber are set to gain immensely from this strategic investment. County town York alone is home to over 11,000 businesses.

Let's explore how Openreach's expansion will benefit businesses in the region and contribute to economic and social growth.

Enhanced Connectivity

With the introduction of full fibre connections, SMEs can expect significantly improved internet speeds and reliability. This enhanced connectivity will empower businesses to operate more efficiently, allowing for faster data transfer, seamless video conferencing and quicker access to cloud-based services.

As a result, day-to-day operations will become smoother, leading to increased productivity for SMEs.

Foundation for Remote Work

The ongoing trend of remote work makes reliable and high-speed internet crucial for businesses. Openreach's investment in full fibre connections will enable SMEs in Yorkshire and the Humber to facilitate remote work more effectively.

This is particularly relevant given the shift in work culture and the increasing importance of flexible working arrangements.

Technological Innovation

Reliable and high-speed internet is the backbone of technological innovation. With Openreach's investment, SMEs will have the infrastructure to adopt cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics.

This can drive innovation, improve business processes and help companies stay competitive in a rapidly evolving environment.

Investment and Recruitment

A robust digital infrastructure can be a key factor in attracting investment and talent to the region. As SMEs in Yorkshire and the Humber gain access to advanced broadband services, they become more appealing to investors and skilled professionals.

This could stimulate economic growth and create a thriving business ecosystem in the area.

The Full Fibre Frontier

Openreach's £30 million investment in Yorkshire and the Humber represents a significant milestone in the region's journey towards a digitally connected future. As SMEs embrace the advantages of full fibre connections, they’re likely to witness transformative changes in their operations, productivity and overall competitiveness.

With a commitment to reaching up to 30 million premises by the end of the decade, Openreach is not just building infrastructure but laying the foundation for a thriving business landscape in Yorkshire and the Humber.

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