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Do You Need a Leased Line Internet Connection?

Not all internet connections are created equal, with Leased Lines viewed by many as providing the best internet connection a business can get. But what are the benefits of a Leased Line, and does your business need a leased line connection if the alternatives provide comparable reliability and speeds? In this article, we explain what a leased line is, the other options and whether your business needs a leased line internet connection.

What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a dedicated line that provides your business with a private, secure internet connection. It is installed and maintained by a service provider and offers a reliable, high-speed connection not shared with any other business or individual. It is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to access the internet for their operations.

Why Should Your Business Consider a Leased Line?

There are several advantages to getting a leased line for businesses, including the following:

Guaranteed Symmetrical Bandwidth with an Uncontended Connection

A Leased Line provides your business with guaranteed, symmetrical bandwidth. A guaranteed bandwidth ensures you always have the capacity needed for your operations, eliminating concerns that your internet connection could slow down during crucial peak times. This is because the line used to access the internet is unique to your business, meaning you don't share your bandwidth with anyone else.

Symmetrical bandwidth means that you receive the same upload and download speeds. This is essential to businesses that rely heavily on uploading or streaming, as non-symmetrical bandwidth internet connections have lower upload than download speeds.

As you don't share your Leased Line with other businesses or individuals, it's sometimes called an "uncontended connection". With an uncontended connection, you ensure your business receives a consistently high-speed connection.

Symmetrical Bandwidth

Better Security

Because a Leased Line is unique to your business, you're afforded an extra layer of security and privacy. Although a Leased Line shouldn't be your only means of protecting sensitive data, it can help provide an extra layer of peace of mind.

Increased Reliability

Leased Lines are considered more reliable than other forms of internet connection. While they're less prone to disruption than broadband over a shared line or a mobile internet connection, you may still experience some downtime. As Leased Line providers typically have an uptime guarantee, interruptions to your connectivity are far less likely with a Leased Line.

Meet Your Business Growth Needs

After installing a Leased Line at your business premises, you're unlikely to experience bandwidth issues again. This is because a Leased Line can scale to meet the changing needs of your businesses, so as your business grows, you'll already have the increased bandwidth you need.

Support Staff

Quality of Service and Support

As a Leased Line is a premium connectivity solution, the level of service you'll receive is more likely to be consistently high. You may get a dedicated support operative or a dedicated support line, usually available 24/7. This is because Leased Lines typically include uptime guarantees. If a provider doesn't meet these guarantees, they're in breach of their agreement with you, making it in their best interest to provide you with the best service possible.

Leased Line customer support s knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, always striving to find the best solution for each customer's needs. They should resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring your business stays connected with your customers and partners.

Does Your Business Need a Leased Line?

While the benefits covered in this article are undoubtedly appealing, they don't answer whether your business needs a Leased Line. Typically, you'll want to meet several of the following criteria as a bare minimum:

  • You have a substantial office-based workforce

  • High bandwidth internet connectivity is critical to the success of your business

  • Your business heavily relies on cloud-based services

  • A substantial portion of your business uses VoIP phone systems

  • You frequently upload, stream or transfer large files

If you meet any or all of these criteria, a Leased Line might be suitable for your business. However, if some of the criteria would be superfluous to your business needs, you may want to consider an alternative internet connection.

Router Cables

Find the Best Leased Line Deal

While it's likely the most effective, a Leased Line is unlikely to be the cheapest solution to your business's internet connectivity needs. If your business does require a Leased Line, we can help you get the best deal. By providing information about your requirements, we can find you the best deal on a Leased Line from our panel of providers.

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