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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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Business Energy Management consultant could save your business money. Here at BusinessComparison, we act as a free and impartial energy consulting business. Our goal is to help businesses across the UK reduce their bills, through our comparison service and business energy advice. We can help you compare business energy audit figures, so you can find and potentially switch to the cheapest supplier. This useful guide will take you through the various stages involved in our business energy management UK wide service.

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Our market-leading business energy comparison tool is designed to help you access the best savings on your energy bills. As professional business energy advisors we have helped thousands of businesses save money on energy.

Our specialist team of business energy professionals are able to negotiate energy tariffs on your behalf. Simply provide us with a few key details and we will compare the available deals.

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If you are looking to compare business energy advisors, our service will save you time and hassle. As a specialist business energy consultancy, we work with a variety of hand-picked suppliers. Our panel of energy suppliers includes the largest providers in the country, alongside key independent suppliers. We only partner with suppliers which provide competitive, reliable and customer focused energy supplies.

This means we can be sure that our business energy management services will provide access to the best deals. Whether you sign a contract with one of the ‘Big Six’ or move to a smaller supplier, we can help.

Many of the suppliers are committed to improving your business energy management, through improved efficiency measures. Your business could have access to energy audits and sustainability solutions, such as energy saving meters. This means not only could you lower the cost of your supply, you may even reduce your consumption.

How are energy prices calculated?

Unlike domestic tariffs, commercial energy prices are based on factors which are individual to your business. This means that no two businesses will provide with the same energy prices. Your businesses energy prices will depend on factors such as, your credit rating, location and the energy you consume.

With so many factors impacting the price of your energy, a professional business energy management consultant can help. An experienced team will be able to offer impartial advice and guide you towards suppliers with the best tariffs.

The actual price you pay will be made up from a variety of smaller costs. The main costs which you will need to be aware of are the standing charge and the unit price. The standing charge is a cost which suppliers charge to cover the supply of your energy. It is used to maintain the supply network and ensure you benefit from a reliable gas and electricity supply. The standing charge will be charged in pence per day and fluctuates between suppliers.

The unit price will reflect the individual requirements of your business and is charged in pence per kWh. In general, the more energy your business consumes, the lower your unit price. When it comes to business energy management, the suppliers need to purchase energy in advance. So, if you are a large business which uses vast amounts of energy, you are likely to purchase more energy. If the supplier knows you will be purchasing a vast quantity of their pre-purchased energy, the price will be lower.

What tariffs are available?

As soon as you delve into your business energy management, you will notice there are a variety of tariffs available. The majority of suppliers will offer variations of fixed and variable rate energy tariffs. If you opt for a fixed term tariff, the unit price will be fixed for the duration of your contract. This could be anywhere from 1 to 5 years, although most suppliers will offer anything up to 3-year periods. This is ideal if you want to secure a competitive rate and avoid potential price increases.

In contrast, the rates within a variable rate contract will fluctuate. If the wholesale price is low, you may be able to arrange a very low unit rate. Although, if supply costs rise, it is likely these will be passed on to you. This means that your variable unit rate could increase very quickly. However, variable rate contracts tend to be for shorter terms, so it may be possible to switch suppliers. In many cases, you may only need to provide 30 days’ notice to switch.

If neither of these sound familiar to you, your business may be signed up to a deemed rate contract. If you have been with the same supplier for many years, you may be signed up to one. Alternatively, if you moved premises and began to use the electricity or gas, you will be paying deemed rates. These are the most expensive tariffs, as the supplier does not have any information to predict your usage levels.

If you would like more information about the various tariffs, our business energy management team will be able to advise.

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If your renewal window is approaching, it is time to compare prices for your next energy contract. The majority of suppliers will offer a renewal or switching window of 1 to 6 months, before your contract ends. During this time your current supplier will send you a renewal quote, which may not be the most competitive deal. Once you receive your renewal quote, it can be used as a comparison against the quotes from other suppliers.

Once you are ready to compare tariffs, the first step is to enter your details into our simple tool. We will need to know details such as your businesses name, address, current tariff and consumption. This information can be quickly found on your recent energy bills or through a quick call to your supplier.

Once we understand your business consumption trends, our business energy management team will negotiate prices. Once we have gathered the best deals available from our panel, you will be able to compare options.

How do I switch to another supplier?

As committed business energy management team, we want to ensure your business benefits from the best savings and deals. If you decide another supplier will provide a better deal, it is important that the switch meets your contractual terms. If you switch outside of your renewal window, you are likely to be charged exit fees. Although, if you are paying a very high rate, it may be cheaper to pay these fees and switch. If you decide to switch suppliers, there business energy management teams will take care of everything. 

The whole process is very smooth and will usually be complete in just 4-6 weeks. The new supplier will contact your current provider and arrange the whole switch. All you need to do is take a final meter reading on the changeover date.
To find out more about how our business energy management team could help reduce your bills, please contact us today! Alternatively, please enter your details into our convenient tool and we will begin to negotiate prices on your behalf.