36% of interviewees stressed out at the thought of asking recruiters a question

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They say nerves can be a good thing but that all depends on what you’re nervous about – doesn’t it? A new survey by TipTopJob has revealed that 36 per cent of interviewees fret, not about how they’re going to answer recruiter’s questions, but about what questions they should be asking at the end of the interview. Candidates were least bothered about making eye contact with the person interviewing them with just 8 per cent admitting that it made them nervous. Other factors that had interviewees breaking out on a cold sweat included…
How much they know about the role – 18%

How much they know about the company – 16%

What to wear – 12%

Getting there on time – 10%

So how do you put interviewees at ease?

There might be times that you want to crank up the pressure in an interview just to see how your quivering candidate reacts however, for the most part, it’s in the interests of both of you if the interviewee is relaxed. After all you’ve invested time and money into finding them. So how do you banish those nerves and get the best out of your future employee?

  • Smile and greet them property – body language is so important
  • Make sure the interview room is bright and airy (not the smelly, dark room that everyone avoids)
  • Introduce the company and the role – okay so you would expect them to have done their research however this offers interviewees some much needed breathing space to collect their thoughts and relax in the unfamiliar environment
  • Keep it clear
  • Leave difficult questions to the end – you don’t want to leave them looking for an escape route before you’ve had time to properly introduce them to the company culture

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