A look at the world’s first 3D social shopping platform: Trillenium

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We recently spoke with Trillenium – the world’s first 3D social shopping platform that claim it is about to “revolutionise the online shopping experience in a way you’ve never seen it before!“.

This London-based startup plans to unite virtual reality headsets, 3D, gaming and mobile technologies in one interactive, social adventure hence improve customer’s experience and encourage customer loyalty.

But how exactly are they planning to do that?

The Rise of the New Industry

It’s been 6 years since Trillenium started to work on its platform-as-a-service, and has now created a unique solution for integrating with existing online retailers. It’s built from scratch, and it puts this startup on top of this new industry – Virtual commerce. It is the first, public 3D platform of its kind. With that said, for now Trillenium is likely to be the leader of the new industry which in now in its early, but accelerated rise.

According to a Trillenium spokesperson “V-commerce presents great advantages over physical business, such as lower hiring and renting cost, we believe Trillenium is that hidden gem of the online shopping, whose shining light is vividly showing through cracks of this new industry. All of which is soon to be available on your mobile phone.

You in Trillenium

So, how will you be able to interact with Trillenium? They claim that everything you usually do in your everyday shopping will be possible in Trillenium. You will be able to walk through your favourite store, socialize with your friends and ask a salesman anything you like to know about the product you wish to buy. You will be able to try on the clothes, interact with other shoppers and even have fun with your friends.

You will be able to involve yourself in this virtual shopping with a help of Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and the Sony Morpheus Project first. Later, other virtual reality headsets will also be compatible with Trillenium. You will have the luxury of shopping at the tip of your nose, anytime suitable for you (e.g. lunch break).

Global trendsetters in virtual reality

The path of Trillenium is clearly seen in the recent happenings of virtual reality, too. Big brands have invested into virtual reality headsets and glasses, and are now showing their first performance. Facebook has bought Oculus Rift and announced its deal with Microsoft’s Xbox One. Google cardboard glasses are out, Sony produced Project Morpheus, and Samsung created its first Gear VR. With this list of big names leading virtual reality trends, it’s easy to foresee Trillenium’s success.

First recognition of this impressive project came earlier this year, when ASOS Ventures Limited, ASOS Ventures Limited, the venture capital arm of ASOS plc, announced its debut venture with a minority shareholding in Trillenium (UK) Ltd. The two companies are joining forces to explore innovative 3D
and virtual brand adventures online.

Shares in Trillenium now available for public

Their recent, not to mention successful, crowdinvesting campaign on Seedrs has attracted over 180 investor within 7 days, and it’s now on its 39% of the funds in just 7 days.

Compatible with Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and the Sony Morpheus Project, Trillenium is now on its climbing route, and the CEO Hrvoje Prpic is inviting those who understand the future to join their campaign on Seedrs and get their shares of Trillenium.