Does your SME have international ambitions?

posted by 3 years ago in News

SMEs within the tech sector are being asked by investors whether or not they have any international ambitions before any commitment to funding.

According to a new UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) report, 4.2 million investors have admitted that they would be more willing to invest in businesses within the tech sector if they have plans to work internationally post-Brexit.

The report also found that 15% of investors believe that a business with an international outlook is a key factor when deciding whether to invest or not. 11% admitted that businesses with intellectual property and infrastructure that can go global is most important.

Within the tech sector, the UKBAA highlighted that 13 million investors are looking to invest their funding in drone tech during this year.

Chief executive of the UKBAA, Jenny Tooth comments;

“The research reflects the huge range of innovative technologies, products and services being developed here in the UK and demonstrates a string capacity for scale and market disruption,

“We are delighted to continually recognise and highlight the success stories of the fantastic entrepreneurs in these sectors, as well as the contribution made by their investors who bring such vital finance and support investments.”