Fairtrade Fortnight: how your business can get involved

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Fairtrade fortnight kicks off today and the campaign is not just aimed at those who buy products – it’s the businesses that sell them too!

This year’s theme is ‘Come on in to Fairtrade’, offering people the chance to see into the lives of Fairtrade farmers and workers. Businesses are offered the opportunity to talk about why they support Fairtrade and explain the impact that it can have by helping to improve the lives of the farmers and workers who produce the products you sell.

How is supporting Fairtrade good for business?

Consumer trust

Nine out of ten consumers who recognise the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark regard it as a trusted label according to independent GlobeScan research.


Customers can see the ethical commitment that your firm has because you stock Fairtrade products. Four out of five say that having an ethical label on a product showing it is sustainable increases the likelihood of them buying a product.

Supply chain

By becoming a Fairtrade supplier, you are playing a part in supporting over 1.65 million farmers and workers in 1,210 producer organisations across the Fairtrade system. You can help improve the lives of the farmers and workers who produce the products you sell and create a sustainable supply chain.


Research by Fairtrade has revealed that many consumers think the quality of Fairtrade marked goods is better than the equivalent non-labelled products.

How can my business support Fairtrade?

There are four main ways:

Become a licensee

Stock and sell Fairtrade products

Serve Fairtrade products in the workplace

Sell finished Fairtrade products wholesale to other businesses

So, why not follow the lead of businesses such as Cafédirect, Divine Chocolate, Liberation and People Tree and do things differently?