Hobnobbing with Carrie Mosley from The Family Pet Show

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The Family Pet Show

We hobnob with Carrie Mosley from The Family Pet Show as she reveals why the show was created!

Carrie Mosley from The Family Pet Show

So, what does The Family Pet Show do?

The Family Pet Show is all about pets and their families with the focus on happy, healthy pets. It offers a full family day out with the entire family including your pet(s).

The Show includes DOG WORLD, CAT WORLD, EXOTIC WORLD, SMALL FURRY WORLD and BIRD WORLD so there is something for pretty much every type of pet and their owner. We hope to add something fishy soon as well!

In addition, there are four arenas WATCH, LEARN, PLAY and HAVE A GO.

WATCH offers non- stop entertainment from Crocodile Joe, Leopold Miniature Ponies, fun dog shows and agility from Academy 4 Dogs.

We host the only Manchester heat of Scruffts – Harvey the winner of Scruffts Best Rescue in 2014 actually made it all the way to the final at Crufts.

The Family Pet Show Play

PLAY is home to Harry the double decker play bus, a mini farm and lots of activities including face painting and crafting. Everything to keep our younger visitors happy and the grown-ups can relax with a coffee or some hot food in one of the cafes

The Family Pet Show Have-a-Go Arena

HAVE A GO will offer visitors the opportunity to have a go at grooming, training, agility and even long-reining mini ponies!

The Family Pet Show Learn

LEARN the go to area to for bite size sessions, delivered by experts about choosing and looking after your pets to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Sessions include Don’t be Chicken with Jamie Toms founder of Poultry Talk, Reiki for Pets by Rob Fellows, Keeping a Parrot as a Family Pet by Parrot Rescue  and looking after your dog or cat talks are delivered by TV Vet Matt Brash, Dogs Trust and Academy for Dogs.

How did the idea for the company come about?

Having my own business has been a long time ambition but I knew it had to be the right idea at the right time.  In 2011, I was working with a pet brand to promote their business on radio and we created a promotion called Pet Factor. The listener reaction was tenfold. It was at that moment it became clear to me that pets are a huge part of people’s lives, as they had been for me growing up. The business rationale made sense, the market was available and it was something I loved – all the right pieces at the right time in the right place. The magic moment had arrived!

When was the business first established?

The event started life as the Manchester Pet Show in 2013 but I quickly realised that a rebrand was necessary to take the event to other locations in the UK and beyond so we relaunched as The Family Pet Show in 2014. The actual planning started in 2012.

How is the business doing?

It is a challenge setting up a business from scratch and it takes time to build a brand but each year the visitor numbers are growing, we had our largest gate in 2015 with 10,225 visitors.

There is always more to do than you imagine but we have been very lucky to have the support of some great brands including the Co-operative Pet Insurance who are our headline sponsor until 2020 and many other companies including Harrington’s, Royal Canin, James WellBeloved, Asda, the Kennel Club and EventCity to name but a few. Here is a video of sponsor and exhibitor feedback from last year’s show, this was a proud moment.

Since the company began, what has been the biggest challenge?

Getting to know and be known in the industry as well as the visitor marketplace.

Ensuring that the right people are involved who share a passion for a great event around pets and families.

Keeping visitor, sponsor and exhibitor satisfaction at the top of our priority list despite working with limited resources and tight deadlines.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

We are the only indoor show where visitors can bring their pets along- this changes the whole flavour of the event. I believe other businesses respect us because we are an independent and in general people like to see start-ups/smaller companies succeed.

We share our plans and challenges openly with our sponsors and exhibitors and they have certainly shown their support for us over the years. Transparency and honest have been great friends of the business from day one.

What’s been your best business decision?

It has definitely been allowing visitors to bring their pets along to the show. We deliberated about it for some time but we have found our visitors to be really responsible pet owners. They are generally very considerate not only about their own pets but also about other visitors and their pets.

The majority of visitors bring dogs and cats but we have had ferrets in a pet pram and a lady has already enquired this year about bringing her skunk!

What is next for The Family Pet Show?

We would like to take the Family Pet Show to other areas in the country. There are many cities/areas where there isn’t the opportunity to have a memorable, fun day out with the whole family…….including your pet!

We are also in planning stages for a number of brand extensions that will work well with what we have created so far……more to follow!

If you could help one business now with a single piece of advice, what would it be?

Ask for help and take it gratefully, share your plans and make sure you have the right people and resources in place and then plan! Tell your family and friends you are about to be consumed with this new business and ask for their patience and help – you will need it.

Finally, Carrie what is your favourite biscuit?

I would have to say, my favourite biscuit is a chocolate finger!