How diverse is your SME?

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More than 50% of all UK SMEs revealed that their team is full of diversity, stating that an integrated workforce is a key point of focus over the next year.

The report which was sent out to more than 1000 decision makers highlighted several points explaining why when describing their SME, they would use the word ‘diverse.’ This diversity band includes a range of ages, various ethnicities, and a mixture of genders. Two fifths of organisations revealed that those of a female gender are members of the senior team, while a third claimed that they were happy to adjust their workspace to cater for those with disabilities they also expressed that their environment is welcoming to those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Just under two fifths of SME decision makers have confessed that they are more willing to work with partners and suppliers if they are known for a diverse workforce. However, a quarter of SME decision makers who were surveyed declared that they have no plans on the horizon to make their workforce more integrated. 22% do not believe diversity within their business is something on the high priority list. A reason for this may be because their workforce is simply just too small to be fully diverse enough. On the other hand, some declared that when employing someone they would most likely hire someone that is comparable to those already within their workforce.

Group Managing Director, for Business Finance at Aldermore, Carl D’mmassa, publisher of The Aldermore SME Future Attitudes comments;

“It is heartening that so many UK small and medium-sized business owners describe their workforce as divers. However, you define diversity, be it by age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability, promoting a diverse workforce should be a key consideration within any business, since employees from a range of backgrounds can offer different experiences to help drive the success of progressive businesses.”