Why is the internet still causing productivity issues for SMEs?

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Why is the internet still causing productivity issues for SMEs?

In a generation that runs off wifi and 3G, it is a shock that 67% of UK SMEs are still dealing with internet issues causing it to be their main obstacle when it comes to their business’s productivity.

Research conducted has taken stats from a survey answered by UK SME decision makers, of which, 76% believe productivity is their main concern when creating their office atmosphere. 69% believe that by enhancing their workspace it would improve the output of the business and employees.

Just over half (52%) who took part in the survey are currently having to spend between 11 and 40 hours of their time on admin tasks, 21% are in fact spending 20hours+ on resolving issues relating to IT and technology failures.

38% of the decision makers surveyed revealed that they have dealt with their internet crashing within the last month while 46% have suffered from lagging internet.

Moving away from technology, 40% of those surveyed also deem the state of their workspace to be a reason for a loss of talent. In fact, 34% felt ashamed and embarrassed when hosting for clients. 40% imagine that a communal work breakout area could help with productivity.

Head of Operations at British Land, Joff Sharpe comments;

“SMEs in particular, with their limited resources, face a number of challenges that could hamper their productivity and, ultimately, their success. Many of these relate to managing, maintaining and looking for office space, distracting them from their core jobs of running their business. Our research highlights the extent of this problem.”

The survey also asked for those who took part for their insights on what their office may look like in the future, 50% have faith that within 10 years there will be no desktop computers, a third believe the same with mobile phones and an additional third think receptionists will be no more.

Continuing, Sharpe said;

“The research suggests that the future workplace needs to be reoriented around productivity and profitability, SME business leaders are fiddling around with the internet or wasting time on administrative issues, the business simply won’t perform as well as it could.”