Positivity favoured by bosses

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We all have traits we’d like to see in our staff. Now new research has revealed the most common pleasures and pet hates of bosses with positivity topping the list.

Having a positive attitude to work was regarded as the best trait an employee can have. 58 per cent of employers said it would make their lives easier. Being a cynical or pessimistic presence in the office was regarded as being worse than bad manners, poor hygiene and being disorganised!

The research by UK online printer Instantprint also revealed that that only 2 per cent of small and medium sized business owners believed dressing appropriately would get staff on their good side. Just 7 per cent said working overtime would help employees excel at work.

How do employers think their staff regard them?

When asked what impression they thought they made on colleagues 90 per cent of bosses believe they are generally popular in the workplace and 83 per cent think they are not a source of irritation to their employees!

Fibbing about the completion of work was found to be a popular bugbear with 34 per cent of employers resenting staff who lied. That was followed by refusing to work in a team and bad manners.

The positives?

Positive traits included effective communications, taking on extra tasks and honesty. 26 per cent of SME bosses were impressed by employees who deal with their own work issues.

Co-founder of instantprint, James Kinsella, comments on the survey findings:

‘‘Having a great team is one of the most important business success factors and what’s more, they are the people you have to spend most of your life with.

“For most SME owners and managers, their business is a huge part of their life, so perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that attitude comes above everything else. When everyone is under pressure, positivity will always be appreciated, if not needed by managers.’’