Recruiters call for compulsory work experience

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You’ve written the job specification, advertised the post and found time and space for interviews only to find the candidate you need is nowhere to be seen? Sound familiar?

If so, it would appear you’re not alone! A new study of 500 decision makers has revealed that nearly half (43%) admitted they find it difficult to recruit enthusiastic young people for vacant positions.

What qualities are they looking for?

Enthusiasm came out on top (74%), closely followed by a good understanding of the role (61%), relevant work experience (54%) or any work experience at all (34%).

Work experience hasn’t been compulsory in schools since 2012. However, 93 per cent of employers asked said they believed pupils should carry out work experience as standard practice. The research revealed that businesses believe work experience should be compulsory due to its potential to prepare young people for employment (68%) and its crucial role in installing a strong work ethic in the next generation (57%).

Arch Apprentice, the company behind the study, are calling for compulsory work experience to be reinstated. The company believe that part of the reason for the 61 per cent drop in apprenticeship take-up since the government introduced the apprenticeship levy is due to this lack of work experience and modern careers support in schools.

Ben Rowland from Arch Apprentice comments:

“We have a duty to the young people growing up in this country to provide them with the right information at the right time, to prepare them for a career that is fulfilling, rewarding and in touch with the digital world we now live in. Compulsory work experience would go some way to providing this, but there’s more we can do – employers, parents schools and training providers need to come together to arm young people with more information about their options including skills based apprenticeships, not just university.”