SME manufacturers are set to go on a recruitment spree

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SME manufacturers are set to go on a recruitment spree

The intent amongst UK SME manufacturers is at a two-year high according to recent research, the National Manufacturing Barometer.

The report which was conducted by SWMAS who are in partnership with Economic Growth Solutions found that businesses have the aspirations to hire more staff to give their productivity and sales a boost.

The National Manufacturing Barometer was surveyed by 300 SMEs and revealed that 53% have taken an interest into hiring during the second half of the year – up by 5% compared to the previous quarter and also the highest figure announced in two years, this suggests that SMEs are feeling more confident although the feelings of uncertainty surrounding Brexit remains.

Research also highlighted that 60% of manufacturers stated that they saw a rise in sales of 68% and they believe this will continue during the rest of the year.

Chief of Exelin Group, Simon Howes comments;

“The need to focus on recruitment comes as no surprise and reflects what manufacturers are telling us about their concerns around productivity and the availability of people. As we approach Brexit, it’s important to recognise that UK SME manufacturing is proving resilient.

“The analysis of the key trends and comments in this quarter’s Barometer points to firm intentions of growth, improved productivity and increasing profitability.”

To add, Dean Barnes the regional director of Economic Growth Solutions shares;

“It’s perhaps a symptom of the current political and uncertain economic climate that this latest survey highlights clear messages around the need for stability, diversification and exploring new ways of achieving goals.

“New markets, premises, products, service development, better machinery, increasing brand awareness and, most importantly, the recruitment of apprentices and skilled staff were all heavily referenced as part of the feedback we received from respondents.”