Where should you start your small business?

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You may think the answer is simple, and you’re most likely  to think the answer is London but not this time. In fact, the top 3 best places to start your small business are Oxford, Inverness and Cambridge – shocked?

Taken from Nominet – official registry for domain names within the UK to join the top 3 best places to work are Durham and Portsmouth.

The research also found that of over 154,000 Google searches and 63,000 national building listings including 59 of the largest cities within Britain highlights just where business opportunities lie for those starting up.

Chief operator at Nominet, Eleanor Bradley comments;

“Setting up a new business can be daunting but giving consumers what they want, where they want it is the key to success.

“But having a great idea and being in the right place at the right time is just one part of the story – businesses need a great shop window, on and offline, to grow. With millions of Brits searching the web for local services before hitting the streets, the lack of an online presence is the same as turning business away.”

So what are the top ten places to start a small business?

  1. Oxford
  2. Inverness
  3. Cambridge
  4. Durham
  5. Portsmouth
  6. Salisbury
  7. Winchester
  8. Hereford
  9. Norwich
  10. Bath

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