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A guide to helping you understand and compare the best business quotes & deals

How to find the most competitive business gas deals

If you are looking for a cheap business gas quote, look no further. The BusinessComparison energy team can make searching for the best business gas deals quick and simple. Our energy comparison service will ask a range of suppliers for their best business gas quote. This will mean that you benefit from competitive business gas deals, excellent customer service and a hassle-free switching process.

Our service is completely free of charge and there is no-obligation to switch to a new contract. Simply compare the available business gas deals and if you would like to switch, we will manage the whole process.

The importance of comparing business gas deals

The market for business natural gas supplies is very competitive, so it is advisable compare prices regularly. If you ask a range of suppliers for their best business gas quotes, you may be able to switch to a better deal. There are a variety of tariffs available, so it can also be beneficial to compare the available business gas deals. It could be possible for your business to switch to a new tariff which more closely matches your requirements.

Fixed and variable rate business gas tariffs

A fixed rate tariff is often the most popular option, as the price you pay for each unit will be fixed. This can be a useful way to budget and avoid potential price increases. Alternatively, some businesses opt for flexible rate contracts, with the gas unit price changing to match the wholesale supply cost. Flexible rate business gas deals tend to cost less per unit, as there is less risk to the supplier. This makes them ideal if you are looking for a short-term supply at the lowest price possible.

Deemed rate business gas tariffs

It is likely that you are already signed up to a fixed or flexible rate contract. However, if you are new to the property and are yet to agree a contract, you may be paying expensive deemed rates. This type of contract is provided by gas suppliers if you have not confirmed a contract with them. The high cost is applied to businesses because the supplier has no way to estimate your gas requirements.

Switch to a better service for your business

When it comes to examining business gas quotes, you will notice that there are differences in the services which suppliers offer. For example, although a supplier may offer the best business gas deals, they may not offer great customer service. It can be very useful to have convenient ways to contact customer service departments or be able to use online account management.

If you are looking for an improvement in the service levels, comparing the available business gas deals could help. There may be a supplier available who will provide your business with improved services levels and a reduction in gas bills.

Compare business gas prices to find the cheapest supply

The easiest aspect to compare within the range of available tariffs is the actual price of the supply. The total gas price will consist of the unit rate in pence per kWh and the standing charge, in pence per day.

The unit rate is the price for each unit of gas that your business uses, although it doesn’t reflect the total usage cost. Whereas, the standing charge is the price per day which the supplier charges for providing your gas supply. It is used to maintain the gas network to ensure your business benefits from a reliable gas supply. The actual price you are charged will be impacted by a variety of factors. These include your businesses size, its location, the length of the contract and how you want to pay for your bill.

How do I get a business gas quote?

There are currently more than 60 suppliers of business gas deals across the UK. This means it would be very time-consuming to compare the available tariffs alone. However, our professional service removes the hassle so that you can find a competitive business gas quote quickly and easily.

To find the best business gas deals available, we will need some details from about your contract and gas usage. We have a convenient online gas comparison form, although our team are also available to discuss everything directly with you. We will need to know the name of your supplier, the price you pay for your gas and how much you use. The team will discuss with you the type of business gas quote you are looking for and your current contract. This will enable us to obtain accurate quotes which provide the best business gas deals for your business.

A panel of hand-picked gas suppliers

We are committed to helping businesses save as much as possible on their energy bills. To do this we have partnered with a wide variety of gas suppliers who will provide a competitive business gas quote. These providers include the ‘Big Six’; British Gas, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE and EDF Energy. Although, we also partner with a selection of independent gas suppliers.

We team with the larger suppliers which you know and trust in addition to a hand-picked selection of small providers. This means we guarantee that your business will benefit from the best business gas deals and excellent levels of customer service.

How do I switch to a new supplier?

Your business is likely to be locked into a contract with its current supplier. To switch to a competitive business gas quote, you will need to wait until your renewal period. This is usually between 1 and 6 months before your contract is due to end, although this depends on the tariff. If you are signed up to a flexible rate contract you may only need to provide 30-days’ notice. If you are unsure what terms are attached to your tariff you should check your contract, alternatively you can contact your supplier.

Once you compare business gas quotes, let us know if you would like to switch to the available business gas deals. We will pass your details to the supplier, who will manage the changeover of your supply with your current supplier. There is no disruption to your gas supply at all, as the same pipes will be used to supply your gas. This means your business will never face any inconveniences during the changeover of contracts.

Your new supplier will send you a changeover date, which is the date that your supply switches to the new provider. On this day you will need to take a final meter reading and send it across to your old supplier. They will then calculate your final bill, which may require you to pay an outstanding amount. Although, you may be during a refund if your have been overcharged based on an incorrect usage estimate. Once this bill is settled your account will be closed and the next bill will be from your new supplier.

Secure the best business gas prices for your business today!

If you would like to secure the best business gas quote for your business, please contact our experienced energy team today. We will quickly begin to negotiate with suppliers to find you a variety of business gas deals to compare. It is our goal to save you money, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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