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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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Are looking to reduce the cost of business electricity or business gas. Our business energy comparison service will ensure your business finds the cheapest price possible. Overpaying for your business energy could have a significant impact on your profits. Our team could save you as much as 40% on your energy bills. Would you like to find out whether your business is signed up to the best tariff for your specific usage requirements. If so, then complete a quick business energy comparison today!

Why is business energy comparison so important?

Businesses gas and electricity are essential services for all companies throughout the UK. The cost of your energy could have a significant impact on your bottom line. Are you looking for competitive tariffs, excellent customer service and the most beneficial add-ons? Then you need to carry out a business energy provider comparison. Securing the best business electricity supplier or gas provider could save your business a significant amount of money. Not to mention benefits such as renewable energy sources, 24/7 customer support teams and simple online account management.

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The benefits of using us for your business energy comparison

  • Our business energy comparison could save your business an average of £446 per year on its energy costs.

  • On average, our business energy customers save 40% on their company electricity and gas.

  • We guarantee to beat your renewal quote, if not, we will give you up to £1,000.

  • Each of our energy suppliers meet the strict requirements of our fair pricing guarantee.

  • We can help businesses throughout the UK switch to the best gas and electricity suppliers.

  • We do the hard work for you and will compare hundreds of quotes to find you the best business energy deal.

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The benefits of competitive business energy suppliers

If you have been with the same supplier for many years, there is a high chance that you may not be on the best tariff available. There are many benefits relating to regular business energy comparison. These include cost savings, improved customer service, additional account management features and the ability to switch to a greener business energy supply.

Many businesses believe that switching the company electricity or gas supply is a lengthy process. However in reality the new provider will handle the whole switch by liaising with your current supplier. There is absolutely no disruption to your energy supply. You simply submit your final meter readings and pay your final bill.

What contract types are available?

The various energy suppliers offer many different types of tariffs. Most of these will be variations of the standard fixed or variable rate tariffs. The ideal tariff for your business will depend on a number of factors. These will include the amount of commercial gas or electricity used, your location and your financial situation.

Fixed rate business energy tariffs

If your business would prefer more predictable bills, a fixed unit rate tariff is likely to be a budget friendly option. The supplier will provide you with a standing charge and unit rate, which can be fixed for 1, 2, 3, or even 4 years. During this time there will be no fluctuations in your business energy prices. However, if wholesale energy prices fall you will not benefit from the drop in prices. Although, if prices rise you will be protected from any price increases.

Once the contract ends you will be free to switch to a new arrangement.  This could be an alternative supplier with the potential to lock in prices with another fixed rate deal. It could also be a supplier offering a variable rate tariff. If prices do decrease significantly during your contract, you may be able to leave your agreement early. However, you will need to pay an exit fee.

Variable rate business energy tariffs

Variable rate tariffs will fluctuate to reflect the price of wholesale gas and electricity. When energy prices are low when cheap rates will be available. If your business is looking to make the most of these low rates, a variable rate tariff will provide the cheapest option. However, if prices rise, the price you pay for your energy will rise to reflect the increase in prices. For many businesses, the potential for low prices is a risk worth taking. However, if you are looking for a tariff which does not fluctuate, a fixed rate option may be more suitable.

Extended tariffs

This type of tariff is designed to be used as an extension of your current energy tariff. If you are satisfied with your service, your supplier is willing to reward your loyalty with an extended tariff. In this situation, it may be possible to secure a competitive rate for your business gas and electricity supply without changing suppliers. However, we always advise completing a business energy comparison, as there may still be cheaper deals available.

Flex approach tariffs

If wholesale prices are very low, your business may decide that bulk-buying your energy in advance could save money. A flex approach tariff is ideal for larger businesses which have the cash available to purchase energy in advance. This also offers the benefit of knowing exactly how much you have paid for energy.

Pass through tariffs

A pass through tariff is designed to allow your business to split its energy bill between the wholesale gas and electricity price and other charges. Other charges may include things like use of the National Grid. These charges can vary over time. If wholesale prices are low you could save money on your energy bills. It is a riskier option, as prices can fluctuate quickly, so is not advisable for businesses which are looking for regular bill amounts.

Blended tariffs

There are some providers which offer blended agreements. This is where your business pays an average unit price based on your initial contracted rate and the available market rate. This can provide some protection from potentially steep increases in energy prices.

Deemed rate contracts

If you have moved to new premises and are yet to arrange a contract, it is likely your current tariff will be a deemed rate.  Also, if your current business energy contract has ended, there are some suppliers which will automatically move businesses to deemed rate prices. If your business is using electricity or gas outside of a formal contract, it is likely you will be paying these expensive rates unnecessarily. These are the most expensive types of business gas and electricity supplies.

As such, it is advisable to complete a business energy comparison as soon as possible to switch to a cheaper tariff. A business which is paying deemed rates for commercial gas or electricity is likely to be paying 80% more than a business with a suitable contract. For these businesses, the incentive to compare energy prices is high.

Rolling contracts

If your business energy contract reaches the end of its agreement, instead of switching to expensive deemed rates, some suppliers will roll your contract over to a new arrangement. If you have not completed a business energy comparison during your potential switch period, a rolling contract may not secure your business the cheapest deal. Instead of taking the risk, it is always advisable to switch during your suppliers required notice period.

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How are business energy bills calculated?

There are many factors which can impact the cost of business electricity and gas. This is why it is so important to compare both business electricity suppliers and gas providers. No two businesses will have the exact same usage requirements. So without comparing quotes you will not know whether a better deal is available. The following are the individual costs which will impact the price of your energy supply.

VAT on Business Energy

Although domestic customers must pay 5% VAT on their bills, commercial premises are charged 20% VAT. However, if your business uses less than 145kWh of gas and less than 33kWh of electricity, you will only have to pay 5% VAT. In addition, charities and non-profit organisations are only charged 5% VAT.

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

The CCL is a charge applied to all businesses within the UK. The current change is £0.188 pence for each kWh of gas used and £0.541 pence per kWh of electricity used. Although, for businesses which qualify for the 5% VAT charge the CCL payment is waived.

Payment method

The way you pay your bill can have an impact on your overall energy costs. Many suppliers offering a small discount to those which pay by Direct Debit each month.

Unit charge

The unit cost is measured in pence per kWh. The bill amount will reflect the amount of energy used. Slight differences in prices may not seem significant. However, if your company is able to save just 4 pence per kWh of energy, you could save over £1,000 over the course of a year.

Standing charge

This is a fixed daily charge which suppliers include within tariffs to cover the cost of supplying your energy. This includes things like maintenance of the electricity national grid and the transport of gas to your premises.

Green energy

Minimising your businesses impact on the environment is important. However depending on the provider, choosing a green energy supply could be more expensive per unit of energy. If you are looking for the best possible price, a cheaper way to become greener could be to use paperless billing. You could also switch to more energy saving initiatives within the business premises.

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Which Providers are included in Business Energy Comparison

We are a leading UK business energy broker. As such, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient business energy comparison service. We have carefully chosen our panel of business electricity suppliers and commercial gas suppliers. Our panel only include those which we trust to provide our customers with competitive pricing and a fantastic service. Our partners includes those within the big six, such as British Gas, E.ON and EDF Energ. As well as independent energy providers such as Opus Energy. Whatever your business gas and electricity requirements, our team will do their best to find you the cheapest deals.

How do I switch to another supplier?

Wait for your renewal period

The best time to switch to a new business energy supplier is during your renewal period, as you will avoid potential early exit fees. Your current supplier will send a renewal letter 60 days before your contract is due to end, although the timing may vary slightly. This letter will provide you with the proposed unit rates at the end of your contract, which can be used to find the best price in your business energy comparison.

Complete your business energy comparison

Our business energy comparison tool will provide you with instant access to our panel of trusted business gas and electricity suppliers. Simply enter your details and our team will arrange quotes which most closely match your unique requirements. Whether you are looking for a cheaper electricity deal, a more competitive gas deal or new suppliers for both energy types, our service is completely flexible to your needs.

Complete the switch

If you decide that another supplier will offer a cheaper more suitable energy supply, you will need to provide notice during your Notice Period End Date. This is usually 30 days before your contract is due to end, which will ensure the new supplier is able to switch your supply without any exit fees.

If you use our business energy comparison service, your business will be required to sign a Letter of Authority. This is a recognised legal document, which simply allows our team and your new supplier to liaise with your current energy supplier to arrange the switch. Rather than your business having to handle the switch, everything is taken care of on your behalf.

On average, switching suppliers will take roughly 6 weeks, although you will be provided with an accurate switch date by your new supplier. There will be no interruption to your supply, simply send your meter readings on the day of the switch and your final bill will be calculated and sent to you.

Compare business energy quotes today!

Business energy comparison has never been easier, simply complete a few short questions in our online form and our expert team will get to work. Our form is designed to quickly capture the exact information we need to find accurate quotes from our panel of business energy suppliers. All we need to get started is your business postcode, your contact details, current usage levels and the name of your provider. The more information you have to hand, the more accurate your business energy comparison will be. These details can all be found quickly on your most recent utility bill.

We will compare the market to find you the best business electricity and business gas deals, based on your specific energy requirements. With more than 150 business electricity and gas tariffs to choose from, comparing multiple deals is quicker than ever. All you need to do is compare the best business energy quotes from our team to decide which is the best option for your business.

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