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Addapt Business App

Name: Addappt

Function: Addappt is designed to be like a consistent up-to-date address book which refreshes once a contact changes their details on their own phone. It’s designed to save time and eliminate confusion! The app will remember how you communicated last with each contact, you can also send private or group announcements to friends or co-workers. There are many more features within the app from sending emoji’s to blocking contacts you no longer wish to communicate with. It also allows you to send short notifications with a “tapp”.

Founders: Mrinal Desai, Co-Founder and CEO and Jorge Ferreira, Co-Founder and CTO who formally worked for global giants such as Microsoft and LinkedIn.

Mrinal Desai Addappt Co-Founder

Mrinal Desai, Co-Founder and CEO comments;

‘We are a Silicon Valley startup/ small business ourselves. As a business owner, our contacts are one of the most invaluable assets – “losing” their information, not being able to organize them or communicate with them is unacceptable.

As small businesses, we do a lot ourselves so we built addappt as a productivity tool – one that ’auto updates’ to always be current, makes it easy to group them, communicate via group email or group messaging saving a lot of time to focus on one’s core business.”