How can your business take advantage of Halloween?

7 years ago

How can your business take advantage of Halloween?

Halloween might be aimed at children with their tricks and treats but businesses can have fun with the spooky occasion too and, if you’re lucky, it could even drive further revenue to your business!

So, how do you prepare for Halloween?

Get that scary feeling going!

Whether your business is online or offline, you should definitely dress your shop/website up accordingly! Halloween is that one day of the year where it is acceptable to act foolishly, childishly and have fun being someone else. Sometimes carving a pumpkin is enough, but why wouldn’t you take it that one step further?! If you’re online why not add some creepy music to the landing pages or maybe blood tickling down the pages?

Dress to impress… the dead!

Each year, we see many witches, devils, vampires and of course our favourite characters like Batman, Scooby Doo and Alice in Wonderland skipping through the leaves on Halloween, and although these people will be going out trick or treating or to spooky events it doesn’t mean that those in your business can’t take part. For businesses in retail and hospitality dressing up themed to your guest can be a winner. When it comes to customer services, show them that your business is fun and ready for Halloween.

Blood-tastic treats!

Again, another one for those in retail and hospitality, offering things which are themed on Halloween can be a real crowd pleaser. Things like smoky drinks, or perhaps attaching fangs to a meal or glass can add to the atmosphere of Halloween and again it shows that your business is taking it seriously. It can work for both adults and children!

Throw a deadly party!

Halloween is a very good occasion to bring money into your business, especially if you host a themed party making it a lot easier for others to say yes to. Whether that be an event outside of your business or inside it can add value to your business. Getting your businesses name out there is an extremely good way of getting publicity, which then broadens your brands name which ultimately invites new customers to your business. And just remember to enjoy Halloween yourselves as a business!