Would you offer a tradesperson a cup of tea?

6 years ago

Would you offer a tradesperson a cup of tea?

Over a third of Brits would avoid allowing a tradesperson use their toilet when working on their property, the same amount would also refuse offering them a drink. Whilst a further two thirds who will offer a drink to their workers they have admitted that they keep old cups in their cupboards to use in these circumstances according to research carried out by Plentific the survey was conducted based on UK consumer’s thoughts on tradespeople.

So why are consumer’s attitudes negative when it comes to tradespeople?

Trust barrier

This doesn’t come as such a shock but a quarter of those surveyed expressed that they would not feel right leaving a tradesperson in their home instead they would much rather wait in until the job is done.

In respect of this, 93% claim that they would make the effort to communicate with the worker whilst the job is carried out.

 Are they certified?

Research also found that when it comes to professional qualifications 77% do not check their certificates or qualifications when starting work even though a tradesperson is legally required to carry it.

Stephen Jury, spokesman at Plentific comments;

“Many people find that if they are friendly to tradesmen they will have a very good working relationship with them.

“We just want to gently remind Brits that the politeness that we are globally recognised for should not stop when a tradesman comes into your home.”