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A guide to helping you understand switching business energy suppliers

Are you looking to switch business energy supplier?

Whether you run a small or large multi-site business, when you change business energy provider you could reduce your bills. If you have never investigated the switch energy business, there is a high chance you are overpaying for your energy. Our business energy switching service makes it quick and easy to compare suppliers. We understand that every business is different, with energy usage levels determined by a variety of factors. When you use our services to move business energy and gas, we will negotiate deals based on your specific requirements. If you complete your business energy switch through our website, we guarantee to find you the best rates.

A comprehensive business energy guide to switching supplier

If you are looking to switch your business energy, we can help. Are you looking to change business energy brokers, because you have not been able to find the best deals? If so, when you switch business energy the best deals are available through our website. As one of the leading business energy comparison websites, we have partnered with the suppliers you know and trust. We are committed to helping you compare and switch business energy to the best prices. Our panel includes both large scale suppliers known as the ‘Big Six’, alongside small and independent providers. This means that when you complete a business energy comparison UK wide, you have quick access to the whole market.

How much could you save by switching suppliers?

When you compare business energy tariffs UK wide, you will have access to a variety of tariffs. The most popular are fixed and variable rate tariffs, which are available for every type of energy supply. Whatever your requirements, when you move business energy online our team can help. If you are looking to protect your business from future price rises, a fixed rate tariff will probably be ideal. However, if you want to benefit from the potential drop in energy prices, a variable rate contract will be suitable. These contracts tend to be much shorter than fixed rate contracts, so it is important to compare prices regularly. This will mean that you are always benefitting from the best business energy rates. The amount you save will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your organisation and your efficiency. These factors will be used to decide the price you pay per kWh of energy. Although, you will also need to pay a standing charge and a few other small charges. This means when you compare rates, you should consider everything from switch business energy VAT rates, to the exit fees.

Move business energy to nPower

As one of the largest suppliers in the UK, many businesses benefit from competitive nPower energy deals. They are known for their commitment to sustainable energy production and have even achieved the Carbon Trust Award. They are able to provide tariffs for both small and large businesses, with flexible energy options readily available.

Switch business energy EON

As another of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, E.ON are known for their flexible, competitively priced tariffs. However, they also provide useful business support, such as boiler cover, energy usage advice and risk management. They provide tariffs for businesses of every size, so are worth considering when you complete your energy supply comparison.

Change business energy EDF

EDF supply the largest volume of electricity within the UK, although they are also one of the largest gas suppliers. Their fixed and short-term flexible rate tariffs tend to be both competitive and flexible. Their energy sources include traditional coal, gas and nuclear power stations, alongside combined heat and power plants.

Switch business energy British Gas

As the largest supplier of gas in the UK, British Gas should be considered in your energy comparison. Their tariffs are designed for all business sizes, so you will be able to access a variety of competitive deals. Through their fixed rate plans it is possible to secure unit prices for up to 3 years. By securing a competitive rate, your business will be able to efficiently budget and manage cash flow effectively.

Move business energy to Bulb

Although Bulb joined the energy market in 2015, their simple tariff and commitment to renewable energy has made them popular. Their electricity is sourced from 100% renewable sources and they are known for keeping their costs as low as possible. By offering a single tariff, they aim to make it simple to manage your energy account.

How do I compare and move my business energy?

To switch business energy bills to a cheaper supplier, the first step is to complete our simple online form. All we require are a few details, such as your current supplier, tariff and the amount of energy you consume. Once we understand your specific requirements, we will help you to switch business energy deals by negotiating the best prices. Whether you are looking to switch business energy gas or electricity, the new supplier will manage the whole process. Many businesses are concerned about the possibility of switch business energy regulations, however switching is actually very simple. With so many suppliers competing to offer the best deals, they are all committed to making the switch simple. The ideal time to switch is during your renewal window, as you will not need to pay an exit fee. Your current supplier will send you a quote for your energy contract renewal. This acts as a useful comparison when considering the switch business energy renewals available. If the quotes you receive will provide you with a cheaper deal, switching supplier usually takes just 4-6 weeks. We will send your information across and the new supplier will contact your current energy provider. You will then be sent a switchover date, which will be the date your new provider supplies your energy. On the switchover date you will need to take a meter reading, which will be used to decide your bill.

What are the switch business energy incentives?

Switch business energy companies today and save! To find out more about our switch business energy tariff comparison service, please contact our team today. Alternatively, simply enter your details into our convenient energy comparison tool.

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