5 tips for creating a successful virtual office

7 years ago

5 tips for creating a successful virtual office

Your business is growing, you need to take on more staff but you haven’t got the space or equipment to accommodate another team member – sound familiar? Whilst there are benefits of being close to your employees it’s not always effective to be rubbing shoulders Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and a little space can be a good thing. Increasingly business owners are turning to virtual offices. So what’s the attraction?

Just under a third of UK office workers reported an increase in productivity when functioning outside of the workplace according to research carried out by IT services provider Redcentric on behalf of YouGov. The managed services provider commissioned a survey of over 2,000 UK adults to discover the attitudes of both employers and employees towards home working.

So if you think creating a virtual office could benefit your business, read our tips…

   1.  Trust your workforce

This is the essential and fundamental basis of taking your workplace to a virtual level. Although your employees may not be functioning in the same environment you need to ensure that the ethos and standards of your firm are upheld wherever they are. Having regular systems in place for reporting and communication are crucial.

   2.  Consider hiring virtual staff

Virtual office assistants have become increasingly popular over the past five years. You only have to pay for the time that they are actually working so not only do you save on equipment and space but also holiday and sick pay. There are a number of agencies that offer a virtual PA service.

   3.  Use cloud computing

Cloud computing has enabled virtual offices to thrive. It offers the ability for everyone to see the same information at once from anywhere around the globe with an internet connection. With many cloud services offering mobile apps you’re not restricted by which device you’ve got to hand. Take the time to research the virtual office services on offer.

   4.  Hire flexible office space

Whilst it shouldn’t matter where you are when working alone there will be times when you have to arrange meetings. A useful solution to this for users of a virtual office is hiring a professional meeting space. You have all the benefits of the appropriate environment and facilities without paying for it round the clock.

   5.  Keep your technology up to speed

To work effectively on the move you need to ensure that your staff have the appropriate technology to get the job done wherever they are. There’s nothing more frustrating than being held back by substandard equipment. Regular maintenance checks should also be carried out.


Lucy Liddiard