Business automation: the pros and cons for SMEs

5 years ago

Business automation: the pros and cons for SMEs

If you’re planning to ramp up growth for your firm, then business automation could be the next item on your ‘to do’ list.

However, it’s a large cost for business owners so here’s a rundown of pros and cons of business automation for small and medium sized firms:

Pros of business automation

Better communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than emails getting lost when you’re working on a project with multiple people and, potentially across multiple sites. Automation means real time communication, so processes can be streamlined meaning everyone is working on the same latest document.

Improved time management

Productivity is a real sticking point for many SMEs, so business automation can provide a lifeline when it comes to freeing up staff from laborious tasks. Eliminating the need to input figures manually leaves workers free to focus their efforts elsewhere.

Less risk of human error

Even a simple mistake with figures can cost your business money. Automating accounts means that everyone sees the same figures and the system can recognise and flag up errors or inconsistencies.

More effective data management

Business automation means you are creating a digital trail that anyone can follow. HR hubs allow employees to update their own details and make plans on shared calendars cutting out administration time. Data is also more secure when stored on the cloud. Finally, think of what you can do with all that extra office space once the filing cabinets have been tipped!

Cons of business automation

Less personal

Removing people from a process can leave you without the human touch. This could result in unhappy staff or even lost deals.

Budget busting

The cost of setting-up business automation can be huge and small businesses should consider affordability as well as whether they would use the services to their full advantage.

Technical error

If a human has made an error, then they can let you know immediately and you can discuss a way forward. Computers are not so flexible. Automated processes can only adapt with reprogramming which is time consuming and costly.

Job losses

How many of your workers would be without a job because of automation? Businesses are about making money but corporate responsibility and the people you employ form the backbone of many successful enterprises.

Kerry Fawcett